Pedorthic Services

A pedorthist is a health professional who is educated and trained in the manufacturing, fitting and modification of foot appliances and footwear to help with:

  • alleviating pain
  • accommodation of foot deformities
  • re-alignment of anatomical structures
  • improvement of balance
  • control of biomechanics function
  • accommodation of circulatory special requirements

Brad Reichenbach is a Canadian Certified Pedorthist who offers pedorthic services at the Ayr Physiotherapy Clinic. Brad specializes in custom-made foot orthotics, medical grade compression socks, kinesio taping, as well as, ankle and knee bracing.

The pedorthic assessment includes a patient history, range of motion comparison, dynamic gait analysis, joint angle/anatomical measurements, and a 3 dimensional foam or plaster slipper casting of the foot to generate a custom orthotic. Brad manufactures all his custom orthotics from raw materials to achieve the highest degree of customization for individual structure discrepancies. 

Call the Ayr Physiotherapy Clinic to book a Pedorthic Assessment with Brad.